O-kaki Project Executive Committee General Meeting

After the plantings in the park of Ogaki Castle, Kono Primary School and Higashi Junior High School in 2000, citizen volunteers had set up the O-kaki Project Executive Committee and promoted various events such as the plantings in 41 locations within the city and chorus festival for the past 10 years. The chorus festival which had continued for 10 years ended on 10th of October 2009 with the final “O-kaki Big Chorus” and the general meeting was held on 1 August 2010 to report on the activities in the past 10 years and to discuss future activities.
Ogaki Mayor Bin Ogawa, Mr Masatada Shiratori, Chairman of the Association of Primary and Junior High School Principals in Ogaki City and people from the O-kaki Project attended the general meeting and Yoriko Miyajima from the “Revive Time” Kaki Tree Project Executive Committee attended as well.
During the discussion after business report, the participants had a lively exchange of views on the future activities of the O-kaki Project. The O-kaki Project will continue the planting and putting up information boards at the planting sites.

After the meeting, we went to Akasaka Primary School, Uryu Primary School, Seibu Junior High School, Nishi Junior High School, Higashi Junior High School and Ogaki Park to see their kaki trees.
The kaki trees in Ogaki City have all grown well and produced a lot of fruit as the area is well known for its production of kaki fruit.


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