Workshop by Anken Kidani: Let’s draw “Baby Kaki Tree” in Karako Elementary School in Higashi-Matsuyama

The kaki tree planting took place on 26 February 2007 at Karako Elementary School in Higashi-Matsuyama city. They held  workshops by Artist Anken Kidani every autumn since then as a peace study session for the third-grade pupils.
Following is about the workshop held on 17 November 2015 at the school. First, the picture-card show of “Kaki Tree Parent and Child”, a story about the bombed kaki tree in Nagasaki, was performed by its creator, Anken Kidani. He described the history of the kaki tree which was planted in the elementary school. When children went to see the actual tree and touched it, they were surprised how much the tree had grown. The theme of the workshop was “Let’s draw baby Kaki Tree!” and each of them drew  baby Kaki Trees and a tree doctor, communicating with Anken Kidani and other staffs, and came up with unique and creative works. At the end of the workshop, each pupil gave a presentation on his/her drawing. The workshop offered a good opportunity for children to learn about “life”.