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“Kaki Tree Project Brescia” visits Japan

26 people from the planting places in Brescia, Italy came to visit the mother the tree in Nagaksaki during March 30-April 10. They visited the mother tree, the A-bomb remnants, the tree doctor; Mr. Ebinuma’s field where the bombed Kaki Tree Jr. s grow, and they also enjoyed the Japanese custom “Hanami (cherry blossom viewing)”. Since most of the members were school teachers, we received a lot of gifts and art works from Italian children. It was a wonderful opportunity to re-realize the tight bonds that the Kaki Trees have connected between us.    

10th Anniversary / Karako Elemntary School, Karako Chuo Park

An artistic workshop had been held every year led by artist Anken Kidani at Karako Elementary School. This year, celebrating the 10th anniversary since the planting back in 2007, the third grade pupils exchanged video letters with pupils of F. Fellini Comprehensive School in Italy, and made ornaments to decorate their tree and another Kaki tree also planted in a nearby park. The anniversary ceremony was held on December 6th, and 76 pupils sang songs around both trees at their school and at the park.      

Faial Botanical Garden (Faial Island, Portugal)

Veronica, who participated in the planting at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens in 2001 has applied this time to plant a Kaki Tree in her hometown. Faial Botanical Garden conserves and studies the unique species in Azores Islands, and promotes scientific/environmental awareness to the public. A ballet-based original drama of the “Story of the Kaki Tree” was played by students from the local schools. Then, the Kaki Tree and a time capsule was planted in the site of the garden.  

Park in Lumezzane (Lumezzane, Italy)

The ceremony took place in a beautiful town on top of a mountain. The application was submitted by three parties; CVL cooperative (Association which promotes social participation of people with disabilities), CAG Arcallegra (Youth center run by Mosaic cooperative), and Association IL Mondo in Casa. First, we participated in a meeting of Junior High School students, where there were performance of Japanese songs and question time to Mr. Ebinuma. Junior high school students, Kindergarteners and people with disabilities gathered to the garden for the planting ceremony. After performance of songs and recorders, children and teachers covered the tree with soil they each brought.

Istituto Comprensivo di Carpenedolo (Brescia, Italy)

The ceremony was held at the garden of the school and the pupils who participated all wore the same white cap with a printing of “Kaki Boy”. The school had prepared for the project for a long time, and the whole school was filled with artworks related to the Kaki Tree. Some of the representative from the students gave us explanations about the art works. Before planting the tree, there were dance and recitation of poems by the students. Then, the tree was planted in a monument specially created for the tree in the corner of the school garden.    

Istituto Comprensivo Azzano Mella (Brescia, Italy)

Since the sapling they planted last year was weak and had to be replaced, the school planted the Kaki Tree for the second time There were lots of art works under the theme of war and peace by students exhibited in the school. Around fifteen students gave presentations about their works. All the students, their parents and teachers walked to the park lead by a marching band, where there was an outstanding fence installed for the Kaki Tree. Mayors and kid mayors from three cities participated, and it was a very successful, large scaled ceremony.

Alexander Langer Park (Trento, Italy)

Istituzione Associazione Culturale Finisterrae Teatri applied for the planting. The organization adopts artistic methods and art works at nursery schools and facilities for people who have difficulty adapting in social life. They hoped the little Kaki Tree to be a symbol of rebirth and wished to plant in the center of the park. Thirty to forty children who attend the local nursery and elementary schools participated in the ceremony. There were a lot of singing and physical workshops. The tree was planted in the middle of the park, where the pretty handmade flowers were decorated around.  

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Perugia (Perugia, Italy)

About twenty first graders and their parents of the XX Giugno Elementary School, near the University participated in the ceremony. Children recited poems, and their teacher introduced some art works regarding the Kaki Tree they made in class. After moving to the field for agricultural training in the university, children covered the tree with soil one by one. After the tree was planted, children sang songs near the tree.  

F. Fellini Comprehensive School (Lodi, Italy)

The planting was devoted to a girl called Silvia, who passed away by cancer last year. The ceremony took place in two schools in the morning and in the afternoon. Students performed number of dance and songs which was all related to peace, and against war. They also performed a picture-story show of “The Kaki Tree Parent and Child” in English.    

Lumen Naturopathic Association (Piacenza, Italy)

The application was from a Naturopathic Association in Piacenza. Ms. Takako Kakimoto; a vocalist from Nagasaki,  ordered materials from her home town and prepared ambitiously for the planting. During the ceremony, there were singing, meditation, and children asked questions about war and A-bombs to a Japanese man by video call. Then, children buried a time capsule in the garden and planted the Kaki Tree near it.  

Istituto comprensivo”Niccolo Tommaseo”(Torino, Italy)

The city of Torino applied for tree planting. The tree-planting ceremony took place on 29th April at “Niccolo Tommaseo” Comprehensive School. Children have learned about the “A-bombed kaki tree” at school. At the ceremony, children wrote messages on stones, and they were placed around the planted kaki tree.  Other activities include singing songs and Haiku reading. Some of the children’s works displayed at Seirankan (Kounan City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan) where the tree-planting ceremony took place on March 2oth, prior to this school were displayed  along with drawings created by children in Italy.  

Biblioteca Municipal de Felgueiras(Portugal)

An embroidery company called HEARTS applied for tree planting. At HEARTS, they focus on quality products, and all embroidery works are made by hands of 8 embroiders. They use cork instead of leather, which is normally used for fasteners. They have a brand called “The Child Artist”, and its handmade women’s accessories capture children’s art works. They have started this line as they wanted to show children’s wonderful creativity to the world. They have been working on this project for some time, and have collaborated with institutions for underprivileged children over the past years and contributed a portion of their profits. They found out about our project on the Internet…. Read more »

Scuola Media di Castiglione Olona(Va,Italy)

The town of Olona in the province of Varese applied for tree planting. They have learned about the Kaki Tree Project through Mr. Rosario Manisera of Fuji Cultural Association. The tree-planting ceremony was held at Olona Middle School on 9th of April. Children from several schools and many local residents, including the mayor, participated. The Kaki Fusoshiki, wrapping cloth, designed by Katsuhiko Hibino was introduced, and they put medium-sized stones with pictures drawn by children around the planted tree. They also displayed drawings and other works of children inside the school, and a number of people went to see them. The local newspaper ran a big article on it as… Read more »

Scuola Elementare di Paderno Franciacorta(Castegnato,BS, Italy)

Abrami Marilena, a teacher at Paderno Franciacorta Elementary School applied for tree planting, and it took place on April 9th. The school started projects on peace a few years ago, and has conducted a number of projects since then.They wish children to have a firm belief that war will not help people grow and thrive, and in order to do so, they have proceeded with the projects associated with the tree-planting. Originally, they planed to plant the tree in their school yard, but it was planted in the park near the elementary school. At the ceremony, children, their parents and many people from local groups took part. They decorated a… Read more »

Planting Ceremony: Associazione Gaetano Negri ONLUS(Milano, Italy)

The tree-planting ceremony took place at the Associazione Gaetano Negri ONLUS on 9th of April. The association was established in 1961 to support people with mental and physical disabilities. Since then, it has continued its activities with aims to raiseawareness among the general publicand people with mental and physical disabilities that they are also worthwhile and have equal rights as well, and to support art making and their works to build relationships based onspiritual values and ethical existence regardless of disabled people’s production capability. The association staff learned about the Kaki Tree Project through the Kaki Tree Story book, which was published last year (Italian translation), and were greatly inspired…. Read more »

Park in Via Brescia, beside the War Memorial (Rodengo Saiano,BS, Italy)

The kaki tree was planted on 19th March in the 5,000 sq meter park which is managed by local citizens. An edible landscape (where fruit and vegetable are planted) has been built in the park, and a number of plants and trees are also planted. The tree-planting ceremony took place to commemorate the sister cities relationship between Rodengo Saiano and Lyon. Many second graders of middle school in Lyon participated in, too. They wrote messages and installedthe low wooden fence around the tree forming a triangular shape, and placed a beautiful plaquebeside it. Then, a peace meeting was held on 6th April.    

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