Scuola Elementare di Paderno Franciacorta(Castegnato,BS, Italy)

Abrami Marilena, a teacher at Paderno Franciacorta Elementary School applied for tree planting, and it took place on April 9th. The school started projects on peace a few years ago, and has conducted a number of projects since then.They wish children to have a firm belief that war will not help people grow and thrive, and in order to do so, they have proceeded with the projects associated with the tree-planting.

Originally, they planed to plant the tree in their school yard, but it was planted in the park near the elementary school. At the ceremony, children, their parents and many people from local groups took part. They decorated a huge tree in the park, displaying promises of peace, made of cardboard, and celebrated the occasion with music and singing. Tiny buds already sprouted from the planted tree.