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    Please fill out the form below to subscribe. If there are a large number of applicants, the planting places will be selected by the executive committee.

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    Motivation for Applying*

    Tell us your reasons for applying for the Project. Please feel free to provide any additional comments such as your thoughts about the kaki tree and personal experience with the atomic bombing

    The Ways to Establish the Relationship between the Tree(s) and Children*

    The most important aspect of the Kaki Tree Project. How do you think to establish the relationship between the tree(s) and children? Please tell us your ideas/plans in detail.
    Example: Organize events and workshops by local artist(s) and/or art and music teachers.

    Ideas for the Tree Planting Ceremony

    Please organize events and workshops on a theme of a kaki tree and/or peace.
    Any plans are acceptable, as long as they are designed to make the tree planting ceremony memorable for children.

    Care of the Tree(s) After Planting

    Please tell us in detail how you are going to take care of the tree(s) after planting.

    Activity Plans for the Next 10 Years

    Please tell us if you have any continuous plans in mind such as an annual peace study session.

    10th Anniversary Event Plans

    We propose that children who took part in and have now grown, and all people involved in the planting ceremony reunite under the fully grown kaki tree for the 10th anniversary after planting. Example: Bury time capsules at the planting ceremony and dig them up after ten years, and share how one's perception has changed over time.