Planting Ceremony / Finca de Osorio

Mr. Rodriguez who was born in Canaria Islands saw the website of the Kaki Tree Project and send a letter.“However I live in London now, I want to have kaki trees in my hometown, Canaria.”After that, the number of people who support for kaki tree project increased by his effort. And finally, it is decided to hold the planting ceremony as an city event.

Thus, in 3rd March 1999 the kaki tree were planted at Finca de Osorio. Over the generation, both children and adults participated to plant trees with holding shovels.

The artists held the two workshops. Mr. Jose Luis Lusardo made a big drawing of kaki tree with students’s handprints at the workshop. They enjoyed drawing to put colorful paints on their hands.
Mr. Guillermo Lorenzo set the theme, “Good things” and “bad things”, for his workshop with older students. They discussed and wrote down about “Good things” and “Bad things” on each paper. Then they made candles by mixing the torn paper of “Good things” and burned papers of “Bad things”. Students thought about those things so seriously to write down. They gave that candles to Japanese children in Akabane who also had a planting ceremony on same day.
It was great to have the project involved to such way to expression and remains in children’s heart.


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