Elemantary School “Elvira Vatovec” Planting Ceremony
(Strunjan, Slovenia)

Strunjan is situated in the central part of the Slovene coast and adjacent to the bilingual area on the border of Italy and Croatia.

The Strunjan valley where nature is protected, is known for the traditional salt-making with saltpans and agriculture. The valley, which is located in a remote area, is also known for its kaki production.

The application for planting came through Ms.Tiziana Volta in Italy. Ms. Volta has been one of the key persons in plantings in Italy. Romana Kacic attended the tree-planting ceremony at Parco San Giovanni in Trieste on 14 April 2012. She is an architect who designed “Angolo della Memoria (Corner of the Memory)” along with “kako of nagasaki (the past of Nagasaki)” for the ceremony at the park.

Before the tree-planting ceremony, the Kaki Tree Project event was held for two weeks, and on 19 June, the final day, the planting took place. Mr. Abe from the Japanese Embassy in Ljubljana attended the ceremony. Ms. Yumi, who was on-site helped introduce Japanese traditional songs and poems. It was a wonderful ceremony as many children from schools in Strunjan joined.